“I am a coach and have worked with Jim on several occasions. His approach has always been one of systematic thoroughness as he works with clients to take on new challenges. He is uniquely gifted in helping them recognize and deal with weaknesses, plan realistic goals and reach their full potential. I would recommend Jim to anyone who’s serious about growing personally and professionally.” 
Ken Abrams, MCC, BCC
Owner, Senior Coach & Trainer, TOPcoach International, LLC
worked directly with James at Life Coach Consulting


“James is a long time friend, and very well qualified as a coach, trainer and presenter. I have experienced his expertise at conferences and other coaching venues. He has an excellent presence and is very insightful as well and compassionate. He is a ready encourager and manifests the ability to care for those he works with and those he coaches. I highly recommend him as a friend and to you as a coach."
Coach Charles Powell
Business & Life Coach, Coach Charles, Coaching at its Best
worked directly with James at Life Coach Consulting


 “It was very useful talking with him, he is knowledgeable and adept at asking the right questions to facilitate direction and purpose, I highly recommend him.” 

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative
Vida Makowski PhD, MFT, R,N.
hired James as a Career Coach in 2009

Creating a Referral-Based Business

A Nielsen study found that 92% of consumers trust their friends and families over any form of marketing for recommendations. Word of mouth is, and has always been, the best marketing you could hope for. So, it only makes sense that turning your clients/customers into ambassadors for your brand is a smart business decision worth the effort it takes. If your clients are loyal and love your products or services, they'll be happy to tell others about you to not only benefit you, but to benefit those they care about. In doing so, they're actually doing the marketing for you, saving you a great deal of money, time, and resources! The only problem is how to go about obtaining quality referrals without making costly mistakes! 

That’s why the CREATING A REFERRAL-BASED BUSINESS e-Course is perfect for introverts and extroverts alike … it provides all the tools, templates and resources necessary to build a unique referral system for your particular business venture! Indeed, the materials in this e-Course have worked for coaches, trainers, realtors, therapists, insurance agents, and others - and can work for you, too!

You will get an entire e-Course including:

  • A 49-page Textbook of the Creating A Referral-Based Business Marketing System that encompasses:
    • An overview of the Referral Based Business Marketing System
    • Defining Your Ideal Client
    • Identifying Potential Referral Sources 
    • Developing Your Motivating Offer 
    • Crafting Your Referral Request 
    • Outlining Recommendation Message 
    • Designing a follow-up strategy for referral sources and converting referrals
    • When (and How) to Ask for Referrals
  • A 65-page Workbook of Tools, Templates & Resources including 2 years worth of sample content
  • 4 hours of live teleclass audio files
  • Networking Resources
  • All that's needed to attract the perfect clients/customers for your particular enterprise

In addition, if you are a member of a certifying body in need of continuing education credits, you can obtain this course through The Institute of Life Coach Training in order to receive 10 hours of CE units. Either way, you will be far ahead of your competitors when you have a COMPLETE SYSTEM for Creating A Referral-Based Business of your own!  

To complete the course you will need to access a computer/tablet and the Internet. This course is self-directed online using Masterful Mindset's e-learning platform powered by jigsawbox. 

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